jetski outlet

5th term...HONDA sponsored project (summer 2006)

the mission was to create a street-legal car for Jenson Button or Rubens Baricelo. A formula one driver living in Monaco has a lot of cars. Therefore he needs something special, something individual, a car that’s just made for his everyday life. During my research I found out how Jenson and Rubens are spending their leisure time. Jenson Button is a great fan of jetskiing like most of the F1 drivers. But if he wants to go jetskiing, which car shall he choose? I guess there are a lot of cars in his garage. Therefore I created the HONDA MONOIKOS (the name Monaco conveys of the ligurian tribe monoikos).

Jenson Button is a british man, therefore a coupe with traditional “british” proportions…long bonnet,…”Aston Martin like”.

To give the car a touch of Monaco it is mainly inspired by yachts. The theme of the DLO and the roof , the rail on the back, the shape of the whole car in top view (boat hull), etc… are inspired by boats.

In the rear is a big luggage compartment comparable with a pickup car. This is the place where the jet-ski is stored. The car has also a ride height control system to drive on sandy beaches. The roof is removable. By pressing a button it will fold automatically up, turns 180 degrees and folds to the rear end of the car.

Monoikos would be powered by the FCX fuel cell technology.