1. city-scooter interieur

SIMPLE, URBAN, NATURAL - AUTHENTIC >> regenerative materials, light and clever solutions, reduced to the necessary components

1. city scooter

one seater, pure electric-car, three-wheeler with additional cases for daily use (shopping, going to the job, ...)


7th term Interieur term 2008

The semester was sponsored by VW ... we were instructed to create a car (INTERIEUR) for ourself in 20 years. At this time I was generally into researches about sustainability and ecology. Therefore my project was also influenced very much by the eco-thinking:).

I thought about following the lifestyle of health and sustainability (LOHAS). I also had to think about where Iam going to live, where Iam going to work and if Iam going to start a family or not.

Therefore I had 3 different concepts for my sustainable world scenario 2028.

1. Iam going to live and work in a city. Maybe a family(1 child), maybe not.
>> I just need a small city vehicle to go to work and shopping. (short distance car)
If I wanna go further I will rent a bigger car (car-sharing) or go by train.

2. Iam going to live in the back-country where is a bigger distance between my job and my home . Maybe family(1 child), maybe not.
>> I will need a car thats strong enough for distances about 80 to 150 km/day and for the family transport. (middle distance car)

3. Iam going to be a single. I won t have an unlimited employment contract(self-management). Therefore Iam going to be involved in several projects every year, all around the country. (long distance car)
>> I will need a car which is done for higher speeds (aerodynamic) and more performance. This car will be my mobile office but also my mobile home in foreign places. This car shall be a kind of professional tool for high speed traveling, a car for distances above 150km/day (highway-car).