VW neco business scooter (rough alias model)


VW neco business scooter

neco space frame is made from natural composites >> recyclable
the steering wheel / control panels are movable fixed on a rail >> better getting in and out
the traveling salesman can hang his jackets or put his suitcases into the hole behind the seat.
sometimes a traveling salesman wants to change his shoes (comfortable driving shoes / elegant business shoes) >> therefore he can put this shoes into the hole underneath the seat.

VW neco business scooter >>door panels

materials : regenerative, changeable, washable, createable, upgradeable, lightly

Interieur sketches (VW business scooter)

neco space frame: the car should be generally inspired by racing cars, whose design is a result of light weight / functional aspects. I think its a good way to improve the design of racing tecnologies to create an kind of race-tech aesthetic ... to create a perfect symbiosis of efficient technologies and comfortable every day applications. thats part of an evolutionary process...optimize by coping and combining efficient facts.

The neco space frame is at the same time the light weight structure of the car and generates space for luggage, etc.

VW business scooter (long distance car)

VW business scooter (long distance car)

VW single business scooter (long distance car) first proposal


1. city-scooter interieur

SIMPLE, URBAN, NATURAL - AUTHENTIC >> regenerative materials, light and clever solutions, reduced to the necessary components

1. city scooter

one seater, pure electric-car, three-wheeler with additional cases for daily use (shopping, going to the job, ...)


7th term Interieur term 2008

The semester was sponsored by VW ... we were instructed to create a car (INTERIEUR) for ourself in 20 years. At this time I was generally into researches about sustainability and ecology. Therefore my project was also influenced very much by the eco-thinking:).

I thought about following the lifestyle of health and sustainability (LOHAS). I also had to think about where Iam going to live, where Iam going to work and if Iam going to start a family or not.

Therefore I had 3 different concepts for my sustainable world scenario 2028.

1. Iam going to live and work in a city. Maybe a family(1 child), maybe not.
>> I just need a small city vehicle to go to work and shopping. (short distance car)
If I wanna go further I will rent a bigger car (car-sharing) or go by train.

2. Iam going to live in the back-country where is a bigger distance between my job and my home . Maybe family(1 child), maybe not.
>> I will need a car thats strong enough for distances about 80 to 150 km/day and for the family transport. (middle distance car)

3. Iam going to be a single. I won t have an unlimited employment contract(self-management). Therefore Iam going to be involved in several projects every year, all around the country. (long distance car)
>> I will need a car which is done for higher speeds (aerodynamic) and more performance. This car will be my mobile office but also my mobile home in foreign places. This car shall be a kind of professional tool for high speed traveling, a car for distances above 150km/day (highway-car).